CSS Limited is uniquely qualified and experienced to provide support for onshore and offshore acquisition. From land, marsh and transition zone, to shallow water, seabed and towed streamer, we have the appropriate personnel to solve the toughest imaging problems. Working with our clients, we can provide a team of geoscientists and acquisition specialists to guide the design and manage the operational complexities of the program from concept to interpretation through to field development.


CSS can provide a complete portfolio of personnel for the following Transition Zone and Seabed operational positions:


·         Client Representative


·         Party Manager


·         QC / Data Processors

·         Navigator


·         Observer


·         Source Mechanic

·         Back Deck Helpers


·         Seismic Maintenance Assistants


·         Technicians

·         Small Boat Coxswains


·         Small Boat Crew Members




 Transition Zone (TZ) Seismic has been around for greater than 80 years but with a watchful gaze on future seismic and the surge and development of transition zone and seabed surveys CSS Limited have engaged a senior manager from that field to further develop our Client base. Having specialist management from this field of work has help CSS Limited to gain further credibility and capability in meeting our Clients’ needs to resolve reservoir complexity.