CNC Machine Purchased for School


CSS are proud to be a professional partner for one of the schools in Jersey, De La Salle, by purchasing a much needed CNC machine for their Design and Technology Department.

The Design and Technology department at De La Salle had recently taken part in multiple reviews, conducted by specialists from the UK. Their focus being on the teaching and learning and the workshop environment. The long and short -term goals to improve results, and to focus on the students producing quality outcomes in the workshop. One of the main recommendations was to develop new schemes of work and create relevant projects for the boys to complete and one of our projects achieved critical acclaim nationally which was a real bonus for the school.   

One of the pieces of equipment, the CNC machine, was over 10 years old and thus was showing in its inability to consistently work correctly or just stop for no reason.

CSS' Managing Director, Kevin Gollop said; "Purchasing the CNC machine for the school will enhance learning and development by enabling students to complete multiple projects throughout their school years; from year 5 all the way up to producing prototypes in year 13".

For more information contact Elaine Feltham QHSE/Office Manager

CNC Machine