CSS Proud to be Supporting JMC Seasearch Team


Which one is your favourite? CSS Agency are proud to support the marine life surveys completed by the Jersey Marine Conservation (JMC) Seasearch team, in and around the shores of Jersey.

The recent dive around Le Petit Portlet Jersey, saw 6 large examples of Sea Lemons, very elusive nudibranch, of which normally you will only come across the ribbons but rarely the actual creature itself.

Temperatures soared to 9 degrees and the visibility during the survey was as far as 5 meters. Kevin Mcllwee, Chairman of the JMC commented "It's worth braving the conditions as this is a fantastic time of year to see some amazing marine creatures".

The seabed is of enormous scientific importance and is probably one of the most biodiverse sub-tidal coastal sites in Jersey. A number of commercial operators have attempted to grow Oysters but diseases have prevented long-term success.

Le Petit Portlet Jersey is part of one of the largest seagrass beds in the Bay of Granville and as you can see from these beautiful photographs, a crucial feeding ground for Jerseys’ marine life.

There are many reasons why we need to safeguard the seaweed and with the help of its supporters the JMC is busy campaigning to introduce protection measures.

Find out more how you can help this worthy local charity in their plight to protect our ocean;

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Kevin Mcllwee

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