CSS Supports Charity Aiming to Improve Marine Conservation


CSS Specialist Maritime Offshore Recruitment Agency is proud to be supporting local charity Jersey Marine Conservation in their plight to ensure the waters in Jersey and surrounding Islands remain harmonious and prosperous.

Jersey has many offshore reefs containing more than 60 different seabed habitats and 750 species including rare animals such as the Sunset Cup-Coral and Pink Sea Fan.  In addition, surrounding Islands, Les Ecrhous and Minquiers contain extensive areas of seagrass, maerl and kelp each containing up to 360 different species some of which are featured on European lists as threatened marine habitats.

Charity founder and Coordinator Kevin Mcllwee and his team of volunteers work tirelessly to support the local marine environment, raising awareness and gathering information about marine habitats, plants and animals in the seas around the Island of Jersey. They currently complete 40 seabed surveys a year and take 50 images at a time. The data forms collected are sent to the UK where they are carefully audited by the National Seasearch Coordinator before then being entered into the Marine Recorder international database. The data is then available to review through the National Biodiversity database and locally here in Jersey.

This local charity participates in the regular around the island beach clean operations in conjunction with little feet, who work with volunteers to ensure our local beaches are cleared of any harmful non-biodegradable products.

Kevin has a vision to educate within the local schools, colleges and youth associations in order to encourage schools and young people to become more involved in safeguarding our marine environment.

You will be hearing more from this worthy charity and our unique partnership in the months to come.

To find out more visit the Jersey Marine Conservation website 

To volunteer or donate contact Kevin

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