JMC Committed to Protecting Our Jersey Waters


CSS specialist maritime recruitment agency, is delighted to be working closely with The Jersey Marine Conservation charity supporting them in their commitment to protect the plant and marine life around the Channel Island shores.

Founder Kevin McIlwee has sent us these fabulous photographs which highlight the harmful alloy and plastic collected, left by us humans in and around Jersey.   

We need to work together to take action ‘now’ to ensure that the specialised local Plants, Coral and wildlife are protected, by helping to clean up our beaches and shoreline and by educating our children on the long-term effects.

Photos from left to right; beach day with St John’s primary school, Sunset Cup Coral, Ecrehous grey female seal, team in Ecrehous, new species discovered Dendronis Limbata, Dorothy Anemone, Crawfish, plastics collected during one of the many beach cleans and alloy can and Hermit Crab.

Find out more how you can help this worthy local charity in their plight to protect our ocean;

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Kevin Mcllwee

Beach day with St J Primary.JPG
Sunset Cup Coral Southern species- Climate change.jpg
Ecrehous-Grey Seal Female.jpg
Team @ Ecrehous.jpg
Dorothy Anemone CI Only.jpg
New species to our waters -Dendronis Limbata.jpg
Crawfish almost threatened by overfishing.JPG
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