Wanted! Personnel to Work in the GOM


We are looking for 4 Gun/Compressor Mechanics, 3 Navigators and 1 QHSE/Medic for a 3-week project in the GOM late December 2018/Early January 2019.

Please Note: Due to the vessel location candidates should be USA Nationals or be in procession of a valid B1OCS visa.

Further Documentation Required;

  • Valid Passport
  • Seamans Book
  • NMD Medical or equivalent


Experienced offshore Medic with QHSE required.

Gun/Compressor Mechanic

The candidate should have experience with Bolt 1500LL guns, Hurricane (Atlas CopCo) diesel compressors and general mechanical systems such as hydraulics, electrics and mechanical assembly.


Candidates should have experience with the operation and configuration of Gator for a source vessel, as well as Marine Navigation systems such as DGPS, Echo sounders, etc. and be capable of integrating the Marine navigation systems into Gator.

Should you meet any of the above requirements and are available, please send your CV to

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