Darren Elvin

ROV Consultant

Originally trained as an electrical and mechanical maintenance engineer in a chemical plant, Darren swapped his profession back in 2008 for an offshore position as a ROV Pilot with Subsea 7.

IMCA trained and familiar with Win Frog and Veripos navigation systems and ROV tooling, Darren's vast ROV career has enabled him to work with various vehicles including;

  • MRV2
  • Pioneer HD9
  • Pioneer 27
  • Centurion HD 19
  • Centurion HD 24
  • Quasar 5
  • Quasar Compact 1
  • Quantum 28 & 29
  • TMRV 2
  • Explorer 6
  • TMRV 4
  • Subastian

Now an experienced ROV Submersible Engineer Grade 1 with IMCA certification, we are delighted that Darren has joined the every growing CSS team of experts to assist in growing the ROV side of the business.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience making this the perfect partnership, Darren is keen to make contact with both contractors and clients alike in the ROV market.

Know Darren? or would like to talk more about ROV, Get in touch; darren@css-shipservices.com

Darren Elvin