Kevin Gollop

Managing Director

Educated in Jersey and started out in the insurance broking sector in 1976, specialising in marine and aviation risks. Established the Hemery Group in 1983, providing corporate management, Trustee services and investment management to internationally based private clients. Became the Chairman and owner of Hemery in 1994 and expanded the Group to include offices in the UK, Switzerland and Mauritius before selling in 2006.

Created the A Division Group in London in 2001 along with two partners, to provide educational, health and IT consultancy services as an appointed supplier to the likes of Bae Systems and EDS of Texas. Projects were undertaken in Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait, Brunei and South Africa.

In 2004 Kevin also established Gollop Consulting LLC, specialising in the supply of Maritime Security Officers on short term contracts to protect commercial shipping navigating High Risk Areas such as the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.

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Kevin Gollop