Onshore Land crews face numerous challenges and require large amounts of well experienced personnel. Highly productive and well trained crew members can help to reduce operational costs. CSS Limited is uniquely qualified and experienced to provide support for onshore acquisition. From land, marsh and transition zone, to shallow water and seabed, we have the appropriate personnel to solve the toughest operational problems. Working with our clients, we can provide teams of specialists to guide the design and manage operational complexities.

 CSS can provide a complete portfolio of personnel for the following Land operational positions:


·         Client Representative


·         Party Chief / Manager


·         QC Geophysicist

·         Processing Geophysicist


·         Data Transcriber


·         Instrument Technician

·         Observers


·         Surveyors


·         Vibrator Technician

·         Vibrator Operator


·         Vibrator Mechanic


·         Shooter

·         Driller


·         HSE Manager / Advisor


·         Cable Repair Technician

·         Cable Handlers / Juggie’s





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