CSS provide the best people for your requirements. 

The depth and quality of the contractors that CSS can provide are many and diverse, our clients will often ask us to provide personnel with obscure skill sets and utilizing our databases and contacts we are able to simplify those requirements from the complexity that the client sees and provide them with:

  • The correct person
  • The appropriate qualifications
  • At the correct time


so that the Client can remain productive and not just busy.

Outside of the box solutions run through the gamut of offshore operations from the Pre-tender phase through to Contract Shutdown and Archive. The requirements of a Client may include the expertise of:


·         Shipyard Planning


·         Project Planning and Management


·         QHSE and Maritime Auditing

·         Vessel Superintendents


·         Training and LMS Services


·         Environmental Impact Assessments

·         Welding Inspectors


·         GIS design and optimisation


·         Environmental Management

·         NDT Engineers


·         Survey Design and Modelling


·         Airborne Gravity and Magnetics

·         Procurement and Tendering


·         Source Modelling


·         Geotechnical Investigations

·         Difficult Terrain Access


·         Operational Derisking Assessments


·         Pipeline and Cable Route Surveys


CSS can provide contractors for all the above roles.


If a Client only has a brief outline of the person they require and the skill set required, CSS Limited will work with them to develop a job description of what is required and then source that person. CSS will do whatever we can to ensure we provide you with the people or services that you require.


360o management of projects can be achieved with the utilization of our Project Management Teams. The team will be comprised of a group of experts who will be assigned for each phase of your project. Their services will not be used until they are required. You as the Client will not have to bear the costs of employing a complete Project Management Team for the duration of your project just the correct experts at the correct time.