Motivation Wednesday….. Jessie Saves The Day


When something like this happens in our company, we MUST share…. A story that perfectly represents how fast paced and time responsive our industry really can be.
Last week we had a request for a position which was quickly filled, and we had less than 24 hours to get the contractor to a helipad in Louisiana the following morning. After staying a night in the hotel, the said contractor booked a taxi for 4am the following morning to arrive at the helipad for the designated time at 4:30am. The taxi DID NOT TURN UP!
Little did we know all taxi firms in the town closed at 2am (despite the App saying differently) and we then had to find a way to get our contractor to the helipad ASAP. It was too far to walk, hotel couldn’t help, local taxi firms couldn’t help…
SO, a member of our team had an idea – what is open 24hrs in every town…. 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗜𝗡𝗢.
We called the casino, and to the best of our abilities convinced a great gentleman called Jessie to go pick up the contractor from his hotel and take him to the Helipad. It was 4:15AM on a Tuesday…… what were the chances that someone willing to drive was at this Casino.
Jessie then called the contractor himself and planned the pick-up…he arrived at 4:28AM, at the helipad ready to go!
Moments like this show how CSS really do everything possible for contractors and Client

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